Night Inspection

Night Inspection Report

We offer a service here at Empire Electric Co.
that we call our “Night Inspection Report”.
This program allows customers to receive status reports on all outdoor lighting, including lighting on REC centers, monument signs, landscape lighting, basketball and tennis court lighting, pole lighting etc. We go to the property at night and evaluate
all lighting and present a list of items needing repair or replacement.

Night Inspection Report Benefits:

  • Turnkey electrical installations
  • Minimize Liability
  • Areas stay well lit
  • Reduce vandalism
  • Increase Safety

We can also track any problem areas or potential wiring issues by noting if particular areas are noted repeatedly, and repair before they become a bigger problem.
Our system is SIMPLE! We fax over the list of items needing repair or replacement, once the list is approved, sign it and fax back over to us and we complete the work.

Neighborhood pole lighting

Evaluation of the entire neighborhood (street by street) to determine the exact location and number of the pole light that is out, for easier reporting to Centerpoint. We feel this would be a very helpful and beneficial service to neighborhood HOA’s to stay vigilant in regards to proper maintenance of street lighting. This report could be done as an addendum to the night inspection report monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly.

We recommend these inspection reports to help evaluate any problem areas or wiring issues.
Call today to take advantage of this great program.